Image-Controlled Ultrasound-Induced Drug Delivery

The Sonodrugs consortium consist of 14 partners: industrial companies and universities as well as research institutes out of 7 countries within Europe. The list below specifies their websites and country of origin.

Nanomedicine Lab Philips Healthcare Aalto University Philips Research Hamburg University of Cyprus University Victor Segalen Bordeaux, now at University Medical Centre Utrecht Lipoid University of Tours Nanobiotix Westfälische Wilhems University University of Ghent Philips Research Eindhoven Eindhoven University of Technology Erasmus Medical Center
Philips Research Eindhoven
Philips Research Hamburg
Philips Healthcare Helsinki
University of Cyprus
University of Ghent
Aalto University
University of London [2]
Eindhoven University of Technology
University of Tours [2]   
University Victor Segalen Bordeaux 2[University medical Centre Utrecht]
Erasmus Medical Center
Westfälische Wilhems University


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Sonodrugs is a 48 month research project, partly funded by the NMP priority
of the European 7th Framework Program.

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