Image-Controlled Ultrasound-Induced Drug Delivery

Sonodrugs Coming Events

31 Oct 2012 was the final day of Sonodrugs. The final consortium meeting was held Oct 23-24 in Limassol CY).

Sonodrugs Past Events

4 April 2012 Sonodrugs conference, organized as an afternoon session of the 12th European Symposium on Controlled Drug Delivery in Egmond aan Zee, NL. At this very successful meeting, 26 leading pharmaceutical scientists, polymer scientists, bioengineers, biochemists, and tissue engineers from European and non-European countries gave plenary lectures about cutting edge topics in the field of controlled drug and gene delivery, and 110 posters were presented to an audience of 160 participants from 28 countries. Sonodrugs members delivered 4 presentations and 12 posters, and we had invited Bradford Wood of NIH as a guest speaker.

4-11 June 2011 Summerschool, Summerschool Biophysics of lipids and lipid-protein interactions: from biomembranes to molecular engineering, drug delivery and imaging, at Uto island, FI. This was the third course organized within the framework of Sonodrugs, in cooperation with ESF Euromembrane and Graduate School GSOCCB

22-26 Nov 2010 Small animal imaging workshop, in Muenster, DE. The second training co-organized by Sonodrugs, via partner University of Muenster, in cooperation with the European Institue for Molecular Imaging in Muenster (EIMI), EU FP7 project ENCITE and the Molecular Cardiovascular Imaging Centre of University of Muenster SFB656 MoBil. Several imaging modalities, including ultrasound, CT and MRI were covered.

11-15 May 2009 MRI guided HIFU training in Bordeaux, FR. This was the first course within Sonodrugs, organized by partner University of Bordeaux, on preclinical MR-HIFU experiment set-up and execution.

Coming Events

The events section will no longer be updated.

Past Events

25-30 Nov 2012 RSNA 2012, Chicago, USA

14-17 Oct 2012 3rd International MRgFUS Symposium, Washington DC, US

7-10 Oct 2012 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, Dresden DE

5-8 Sept 2012 World Molecular Imaging Congress, Dublin IR

15-18 July 2012 Controlled Release Society 2012, Quebec, CA

10-13 June 2012 International Symposium on Therapeutic Ultrasound, Heidelberg, DE

5-12 May 2012 ISMRM annual meeting, Melbourne, AUS

18-19 April 2012 Biomedica Life Science Summit 2012, Liege, BE

4-6 April 2012 12th European Symposium on Controlled Drug Delivery, Egmond aan Zee, NL, with special Sonodrugs session

19-20 Jan 2012 European Symposium on Ultrasound Contrast Imaging, Rotterdam, NL

7-10 December 2011 Euroecho 2011, Budapest, HUN

25-30 Nov 2012 RSNA 2011, Chicago, USA

18-21 Oct 2011 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, Orlando, USA

7-10 Sept 2011 World Molecular Imaging Congress, San Diego, USA

19-21 June 2011 6th European Molecular Imaging Meeting 2011 (EMIM ESMI), Leiden, NL

23-27 May 2011 161st Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, Seattle, USA.

7-13 May 2011 ISMRM annual meeting, Montreal, CA

11-13 April 2011 International Symposium on Therapeutic Ultrasound, New York, USA

20-21 Jan 2011 European Symposium on Ultrasound Contrast Imaging, Rotterdam, NL

16-21 Jan 2011 TOPIM2011 Emerging imaging methods in medicine, Les Houches, FR

8-11 Dec 2010 Euroecho 2010, Copenhagen, DK

28 Nov-3 Dec 2010 RSNA 2010, Chicago, US

23-28 Oct 2010 ESF-UB Conference in Biomedicine: Nanomedicine: Reality Now and Soon, Sant Feliu de Guixols, SP

17-20 Oct 2010 2nd International MRgFUS Symposium, Washington DC, US

11-14 Oct 2010 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, San Diego, USA

3-5 Oct 2010 8th International Symposium on Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery, Omaha, USA

8-11 Sept 2010 World Molecular Imaging Congress, Kyoto, JPN

10-14 July 2010 37th annual meeting of the Controlled Release Society, Portland, US

9-12 June 2010 10th International Symposium on Therapeutic Ultrasound 2010, Tokyo, JPN

26-29 May 2010 5th European Molecular Imaging Meeting, Warsaw, PL

1-7 May 2010 ISMRM annual meeting, Stockholm, SE

7-9 April 2010 11th European Symposium on Controlled Drug Delivery, Egmond aan Zee, NL

17-18 March 2010 Biomedica Life Science Summit, Aachen, DE

21-22 Jan 2010 European Symposium on Ultrasound Contrast Imaging, Rotterdam, NL

29 Nov-4 Dec 2009 RSNA 2009, Chicago, US

16 Nov 2009 Nanomedicine: Bridging from the bench to the bedside, Barcelona, SP

13 Nov 2009 Symposium on Molecular Imaging and Therapy, Eindhoven, NL

28-30 Sept 2009 EuroNanoMedicine, Bled, Slovenia

23-26 Sept 2009 International Symposium on Therapeutic Ultrasound, Aix-en-Provence, FR

20-23 Sept 2009 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, Rome (IT)

8-11 Sept 2009 World Molecular Imaging Congress, Montreal, CA

22-23 Jan 2009 European Symposium on Ultrasound Contrast Imaging, Rotterdam, NL


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