BETSY - BEing on Time Saves energY




The aim of the BETSY project is to have multimedia streams on wireless hand-held devices seamlessly adapted to fluctuating network conditions and available terminal resources while reducing the energy consumption of the stream processing. This way the user can enjoy true multimedia experiences with freedom of movement in a networked home or at any hot-spot.

To achieve this, we need to be able to make trade-offs between the use and consumption of network and terminal resources, such as bandwidth use, CPU consumption, memory needed and power consumption by the terminal, while guaranteeing end-to-end timeliness - required for streaming data. The results of the BETSY project will make this possible.

The BETSY project has started September 1st 2004 and will last for 2 1/2 years. It is part of the IST FP6 program in the area of embedded systems.


Project News

15/02/2007 Public Deliverables updated (results page)

1/11/2004 - BETSY Project Flyer available in the results page

1/9/2004 - Beginning of the BETSY project