Public Reports

Nr Title Delivery date
D8.1 Public Summary of Project [PDF] February 2010
D7.2 Project Public Web Site April 2010
D1.1 Initial Robot Based Service Scenarios [PDF] July 2010
D2.1 State of the Art of Multi-Purpose Robots and Privacy-aware AAL Home Systems [PDF] July 2010
D3.1 State of the Art in Monitoring and Decision Making [PDF] July 2010
D4.1 State of the Art in Human-Robot Interactivity [PDF] July 2010
D5.1 State of the Art in Robotic AAL Services [PDF] July 2010
Nr Title Delivery Date
D1.3 Final Robot Based Service Scenarios [PDF] January 2011
D1.4 Report on Wizard-of-Oz Experiments [PDF] January 2011
D6.1 Ethical Guidance Report on the National Regulations [PDF] April 2011
D6.2 Report on the Testing and Evaluation Methodology
for the Controlled Home Environment Tests [PDF]
July 2011
Nr Title Delivery date
D6.4 Report on the Testing Methodology for the Living Lab Testing [PDF] April 2012
Delivery date
D6.6 Evaluation of the Florence System [PDF] January 2013



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