Public HomePages of some European R&D Projects 

Philips Research is partner in many European R&D projects involving a large number of other companies, universities and institutes all over Europe.

Most of these projects have set up special HomePages to facilitate the collaboration between the partners and to make the project results available to a wider audience. 
For the following projects Philips Research maintains public HomePages for dissemination of the project results:

  • Esprit-28798AVIR
  • ACTS-ac018: SMASH
  • ACTS-ac312: STORIT
  • ITEA-99002: BEYOND
  • ITEA-99004: EUROPA
  • ITEA-99011: RTIPA
  • ITEA-00001: ROBOCOP
  • ITEA-00003: AMBIENCE
  • ITEA-00004: CAFÉ
  • ITEA-02013: CANDELA
  • ITEA-02016: Space4U
  • ITEA-02020: Mobilizing the Internet
  • ITEA-02002: Jules Verne
  • ITEA-03015: DigiNews
  • ITEA-04017: Passepartout

    Framework 5
  • IST-11288: NEXTV
  • IST-11702: MYTV
  • IST-12339: HIGHLIGHT
  • IST-12529: PROFIT
  • IST-28231: MEMS2TUNE
  • IST-28298: ICE-CREAM
  • IST-28304: SPATION
  • IST-28703: SHARE-IT!
  • IST-30026: OZONE
  • IST-34095: ARDOR
  • IST-34168: TWODOS
  • IST-34215: FLEXLED
  • IST-34396: ATTEST
  • IST-34410: CAMELLIA

    Framework 6
  • IST-5078716: MyHeart
  • IST-004607: OLLA (IP) 
  • IST-507926: OLGA
  • Growth-00011: PLASTRONIX
  • Growth-00088: STARELIGHT
  • Growth-00115: MONLCD
  • Growth-41847: SOLPLAS

We wish to give credit to the European Commission and the National Authorities for their support.

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The above listed Public Homepages are placed on a separate non-Philips server. Philips can not be held liable for its contents. Please note that these public Homepages reflect the sole opinion of the project consortia and can not automatically be interpreted as the official Philips view.

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