The MyHeart consortium consists of a broad range of 40* partners from 11 countries. It is a common research effort of industry, research institutes, academic and medical hospitals, covering the whole value chain from from textile research, via fashion and electronics design, towards medical and home-based applications.

* Due to the merge of 2 partners the numbering of all other partners has not been changed.

nr Partner name Country Website Link
1 Philips Research Labs Aachen Germany
2 Philips Design London United Kingdom
3 Philips Design Eindhoven The Netherlands
5 Philips Digital System Labs Belgium
6 Medtronic Iberica Spain
7 Nokia Research Centre Finland
8 Fundación Vodafone Spain
9 Nylstar Italy
10 MaFiRi (Lineaupiu Group) Italy
11 Milior Italy
12 Smartex Italy
13 Dr. Hein GmbH Germany
14 Mind Media B.V. The Netherlands
15 Medgate A.G. Swiss
16 CSEM Swiss
17 CEA-LETI France
18 ETH Zürich Swiss
19 University of Pisa Italy
20 Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Spain
21 ITACA Spain
22 CBIM: Consorzio di Bioingegneria e Informatica Medica Italy
23 Polytechnic University Milano Italy
24 University of Padova - DEI Italy
25 University of Firenze - DAIML Italy
26 Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research United States
27 University Hospital Aachen - dpt Psychology Germany
29 Hospital Clínico San Carlos de Madrid Spain
30 Fondazione Centro San Raffaele Italy
31 University of Pavia - IRCCS/FSM Italy
32 Polytechnic University of Valencia - Sport Centre Spain
33 University of Coimbre - CISUC Portugal
34 Hospital da Universidade de Coimbra Portugal
35 Philips Research Labs Eindhoven The Netherlands
36 Lineapiu Italy
37 Zimmermann Germany
38 Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg Germany
39 Fundación para la Formación e Investigación Sanitarias de la Región de Murcia Spain
40 Herz- und Diabeteszentrum NRW, Universitätsklinik der Ruhr-Universität Bochum Germany
41 IMABIS foundation (Instituto Mediteranneo para el Avance de la Biotechnologia y la Investigacion Sanitaria) Spain
42 CRU Cardiac Research Unit GmbH Germany