The MyHeart project has started with 16 applications concepts on December 31, 2003. After intensive concept testing and an interview phase with users as well as medical and business stakeholders, the consortium has selected the most promising concepts and combined them into 4 so-called product concepts in June 2005. The 4 product concepts offer the following exploitation possibilities:

No 1

The sensor systems for Heart Failure Management could play an important role in the management of heart failure patients. Heart Failure is a chronic disease and a major healthcare problem. In the EU around 8 million people are suffering from Heart Failure. Heart failure patients have a life expectancy of only a few years and are frequently hospitalized (appr. 0.4 times per year). Earlier studies (like e.g. TEN-HMS) indicate that a heart failure management system could significantly prolongate the life and improve the quality of life of such patients. In terms of costs, such a system could lead to major cost reductions that we have estimated to be as high as 8 billion Euro in Europe alone.

No 2

The NeuroRehab product/system will enable healthcare organisations to provide therapeutical services to locations where it is needed (eg. rural regions in Europe). In contrast to the normal treatment process, after the neurological patient has left the clinic, this product/system will allow to continue treatment independently (with respect to exercise time and location), but anyway with professional supervision.

No 3

The Take Care project is intended for people at risk or healthy people that are interested in staying healthy and it helps these people to assess and overcome their cardiovascular risks. The main risks addressed are sleep problems, stress, lack of activity and overweight. The prevalence of these health problems is very high. The prevalence of e.g. insomnia is around 15% and it is even much higher for overweight, stress and lack of activity, the latter being estimated to exist for more than 50% of the population. Therefore the addressable market is huge.

No 4

The activity coach concept is providing a training platform which helps the user to make most out of its training both in terms of pleasure and health impact. This is achieved on the one hand by vital signs monitoring and appropriate feedback as well as on the other hand by interconnecting the training devices with a database server and associated virtual trainer programs. The database and training programs will take into account activities of the user inside and outside a fitness centre. Such a seamless training environment would be a real business innovation. Customers of the system could be fitness centres as well as end-users.