The project’s activities are organised into the following 8 workpackages:

The work packages 2 to 5 are developing technology (RTD) needed for the MyHeart system. More precisely, WP2-5 work on the generic parts of the system, and WP1 will tailor the generic system to the specific needs of the different applications. The other three WP are supporting the RTD workpackages.

WP 1: Applications and Personalised Algorithms

This workpackage is responsible for the development of applications. It is the main driver of the work in the different RTD workpackages, as it delivers the requirements on the different parts of the system and the motivation for these requirements. The other workpackages are strongly depending on the work done in this workpackage. This workpackage also delivers the application specific personalized algorithms, belonging to a certain application. These algorithms are part of the application development and are therefore carried out in this workpackage

WP 2: Functional Clothes

The work package “functional clothes” researches and develops innovative textile garment solutions and new textile sensors for long-term monitoring. Functional clothes together with integrated electronics are considered as intelligent clothes indicating that novel sensors and electronics with intelligent algorithms are integrated into the garments, allowing monitoring and evaluating the health status of a person and reacting on it. This work package will act as supplier for each application area within WP1(e.g.: cardiosafe, cardioactive…) responding to not only technological requirements in terms of conductive fabric and fiber input, design and development, but also garment design, garment user interface and hard to soft interconnect.

WP 3: On-body Electronics

On-body electronics researches and develops innovative electronics that can be integrated into functional textiles. Technology development is required taking into account ultra low-power concepts, automatic and intelligent system operation, wireless communication concepts and sophisticated miniaturisation and packaging solutions to enable these new kinds of intelligent clothes.

WP 4: User Interaction

The objective of this workpackage is developing and providing a solution for user interaction, which comprises output to the user via a user interface, data input from the user using a sensor network and solutions for motivating a user in his use of the MyHeart system.

WP 5: Professional interaction

The main objective of this workpackage is to research and develop integrated service architecture to deploy MyHeart applications. This architecture will facilitate the interaction between professionals and customers, enabling the provision of projected entertainment and health services.

WP 6: Business assessment

The objective of this workpackage is to provide organization and support for the user testing throughout the project and to assess the viability of possible business models for the different product concepts derived from the application tasks.

WP 7: Innovation related activities

This workpackage will deal with different plans for managing knowledge and IPR, training activities, dissemination of knowledge through publications. This will result in patents, scientific articles, workshops, courses and presentations in all covered scientific fields.

WP 8: Project management

Main task is clear and proper project management for the whole project and the communication within and outside the consortium.