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The Ozone project is a 32 month {2001 - 2004} shared-cost RTD project, sponsored by European Commissions under their ISTprogramme. The project is launched in October 2001.

The OZONE project will investigate, define and implement/integrate a generic framework to enable consumer oriented ambient intelligence applications.

The requirements investigation at the beginning of the process as well as the evaluation at the end are use case driven and will involve extensive user trials. The resulting framework is intended to enhance the quality of life by offering relevant information and services to the individual, anywhere and at anytime. The envisaged framework prototype consists of three architectural layers that will be specified and implemented in the project: The top layer takes care of the service enabling with an emphasis in the context awareness or sensitivity, the middle layer is responsible for the software environment where seamless task migration is a crucial issue while the bottom layer delivers a powerful computing platform where high performance computing at a low power level is the differentiating factor. The project is concluded with a technology gap investigation, based on the user trials of the use cases, resulting in recommendations for research issues in the domain of efficient pervasive computing.

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