Prediction of Stainless steel Performance after Forming and Finishing

Our mission is to create a methodology to predict the performance of high quality stainless steel after forming and finishing treatments. The performance is used to link end-customer requirements to steel production conditions. This methodology is tested on three types of steel and routings:

  1. Martensitic stainless steel & heat treatment.
  2. Austenitic stainless steel & nitrocarburising.
  3. Precipitation hardening stainless steel & precipitation hardening and simultaneous nitrocarburising.

The approach is to create knowledge based constitutive models of these materials.

PressPerfect is a three-year research project with 6 partner institutions and around 20 participating researchers from the Netherlands (Philips Consumer Lifestyle B.V., M2i), Sweden (Sandvik AB, Luleå University of Technology), Denmark (Technical University of Denmark) and Spain (Spanish National Research Council).

PressPerfect is coordinated by Philips Consumer Lifestyle B.V. (Netherlands) and co-funded by the European Commission under the programme Research Funds for Coal and Steel (RFCS, RFSR-CT-2012-00021).

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