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First iCat pilot ready!

Postby breemen » Mon Aug 29, 2005 10:50 am


In January 2005 we started our initiative to redesign our iCat user-interface robot and software
such that it can be made available to universities and research laboratories. Last Thursday
24 August 2005 we finished the first “iCat 2005” pilot; a major milestone for our project!

Compared to the current iCat, the new “iCat 2005” version has several major improvements
and new features:

    + Improved servos. The neck and body servos are replaced by silent DC
    motors, such that smooth movements are now realized. The servos in
    the face are replaced by new and more silent servos.
    + Stereo microphones.
    + Loudspeaker.
    + USB soundcard.
    + Automatic reroute possibility of webcam and soundcard devices from
    the internal USB hub to other computers.
    + Proximity sensor.
    + An improved and well documented software environment “Open
    Platform for Personal Robotics” (“OPPR”).

The coming days the remaining 4 iCat 2005 pilots will be finished. We expect to start
assembling the 50 customer iCats early October, after the final tests are completed

Some pictures are added below to give you an impression of the work we did to
finalize the iCat 2005 pilot.


The iCat Designers Team

Our electronics and mechanical designers perform the last checks before the iCat is connected to the computer.
The end result: the first iCat from the planned pilot series.
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