Welcome to the iCat Research Community website. This site gives you access to a discussion forum, downloads, links and information about the iCat Research Platform. For all your questions related to the iCat we kindly ask you to use the discussion forum on this site.

iCat News

We proudly announce the second release of the OPPR system

This release includes:

- bug fixes
- added a Crash Handler to make bug reporting easier
- increased performance with decreased memory usage
- DML has been turned into a DLL instead of a static library
- added a second version of the scriptingmodule with lua 5.1
- added the installation of the lua5.1 SDK
- added the virtual iCat as embodiment

If you are an existing customer you can go to the 'Downloads' forum and download your copy of the new version.

Users that have no access to the 'Downloads' forum yet, can request to get access to the 'Customer' group. Only users that have been mentioned in the order form of iCat can get access fast, other users will have to proof that they are part of a project that bought the iCat.

New iCats

We have started shipping out iCats again. So if you have not gotten yours yet, keep an eye on your inbox :-)

Updated the forum to allow file attachments

Until now it was not possible to attach a file to a bug report or to share your sources in a post. But that has changed! You can now attach files and enjoy the iCat community forum with an even better experience.

iCat one of the "Coolest Inventions 2005":

Time magazine has selected the iCat as one of the "Coolest Inventions of 2005". Animated facial expressions by means of a mechanical robotic head was considered new in the research area of human-robot interaction.

The iCat project team is very proud having received this label!

Fore more information click here.

No more shipments in 2005

During the holiday season we will not be able to ship out any new iCats. This means that people that did not yet receive an email with a tracking number, will have to wait for the new year to bring them an iCat. We will however be available for support on our forum, so do not be afraid to ask us some tough questions or report problems in the hardware or software.

The iCat project team wishes you all a merry christmas and a happy new year!

iCat shipment has started

We have started shipping the first iCats. From now on we will be sending out several iCats per week.

I also want to point you towards our forum, on which you can discuss items about iCat, its software and ask support questions. Including questions about the shipments. Hope to see you soon on the forum!

iCat Development Team

The first iCat pilot is ready! Fore more information and pictures click here.
Last Modified: 13 November 2006 10:06