High Brightness OLEDs
for ICT & Next Generation Lighting Applications


EU websites

  • Towards the FP7 framework
  • FP6 programme
  • IST programme
  • Directorate C of the IST programme

Other related projects websites:

  • FlexiDis: flexible displays
  • PolyApply
  • Rolled
  • Nanofun-poly.net
  • FLEXLed
  • OLED100




Other, topic related links

  • EPIC: European Photonics Industry Consortium
  • Adria Network
  • Organic Semiconductor World

Light related links

  • How does the light bulb work?
  • Edison, the inventor of light
  • About (O)LEDs applications


Last updated on 02 Dec 2008
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OLLA is a 45 month research project, partly funded by the IST priority
of the European 6th Framework Progam.

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