High Brightness OLEDs
for ICT & Next Generation Lighting Applications


OLLA Publications

Light, years ahead (Cordis website)
Published in the Polish Academia 3 [11], 2006, article about OLEDs
Article about OLLA in Philips Research password technology magazine, September 2005
KunstStoff Trends 05/2005, pp 58-60, by GIT VERLAG GmbH & Co. KG
Color Rendering Index (CRI) of State-of-the-Art broadband emitters.

OLLA Public Deliverables

Final Activity Report, March 2009
Color Manufacturing of the MS3 OLED lighting tiles, February 2009
White pin-OLED with improved polymer injection layer and efficiency above 10 lm/W, May 2006
Fabrication of first OLED samples, May 2006
First OLED driving electronics, May 2006
Demonstrate a white p-i-n type OLED, February 2006
Color Rendering Index (CRI) of State of the Art broadband emitters
April 2005

OLLA Newsletter

First issue
October 2005

OLLA Press Release #7

English pdf, picture osia award, logo osia award
release: 07 October 2008

OLLA Press Release #6

English   pdf 
release: 18 June 2008
German   pdf 
release: 18 June 2008
French   pdf 
release: 18 June 2008
Italian   pdf 
release: 18 June 2008

OLLA Press Release #5

English   pdf, picture
release: 07 March 2008

OLLA Press Release #4

English   PDF  .doc white paper
release: 25 Sept. 2007

OLLA Press Release #3

French PDF .doc
release: 14 May 2007
English PDF .doc
release: 14 May 2007
German PDF .doc
release: 14 May 2007
Italian PDF .doc
release: 14 May 2007
Polish PDF .doc
release: 14 May 2007

OLLA Press Release #2

English   PDF  .doc
release: 04 Apr 2006

OLLA Press Release #1

English   PDF  .doc
release: 01 Feb 2005
Italian   PDF  .doc
release: 01 Feb 2005
Polish   PDF  .doc
release: 01 Feb 2005
Finish   PDF  .doc
release: 01 Feb 2005


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