High Brightness OLEDs
for ICT & Next Generation Lighting Applications

Project overview

The OLLA project is an Integrated Project (IP), funded by the IST program of the European Commission's 6th Framework. OLLA is started on October 1st, 2004, and will run for 45 months.

The aim of the OLLA project is to research and develop high brightness, high efficient white OLEDs and demonstrate its use in general lighting applications..

The OLLA consortium consists of 24 partners from 8 European countries. Each OLLA partner is a world-renowned specialist in its particular field of science and technology. The partners have gathered to propel Europe to the forefront of organic LEDís for ICT (e.g. display) and Lighting applications (e.g. novel OLED light sources).

Based on the experience and expertise in organic LEDís in Europe, whereby many research groups and companies have achieved an important standing in the display world, OLLA sets out to tackle a much larger and classically European dominated world market of Lighting.

Through OLLA the necessary breakthroughs in various fields of the technology (materials, deposition technology, device technology and application requirements) will be achieved in order to enable manufacturing and selling of products to the lighting markets as well as advanced components to all OLED manufacturers worldwide. Therefore, OLLA will assist in securing the future of many jobs in the Lighting industry, as well as in creating a much larger demand for products from the strong component industry in Europe, such as high-value new materials and manufacturing machines.

Only a concentrated effort combining the necessary breakthroughs in time in the various areas involved will ensure a significant progress and thus bigger chances of sustaining a strong lighting industry in Europe in the face of the disruptive solid-state lighting revolution. For all these reasons, OLLA is an urgently necessary investment in the future of European industry. Mainly because Japan and the USA have already started massive public funding programs to support industrial-university cooperation to achieve a dominant position in OLED Lighting.

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OLLA is a 45 month research project, partly funded by the IST priority
of the European 6th Framework Progam.

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